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Accelerating Global
Green Transformation

As the global community goes through a turbulent pathway of big transformation toward climate-resilient, sustainable, inclusive, and prosperous societies for all, it is essential that the thoughts we create be big enough to solve the wicked problems of our time and our collective actions be fast enough to achieve all the global goals in time. The impacts thereof should penetrate deeply into every and all structures of whole economies, societies and corporations. GTL’s mission is to help and support global communities and businesses to set the right course of action and to architect and implement the most powerful actions for this transformation. GTL helps and supports global communities across regions and borders to envision and implement creative innovations and frame the next paradigm of economic prosperity for all. GTL works together with corporations to make the most cost-effective transition from their current business models to new ones, sustaining and growing their business value while creating new innovative exponential business value in the new economic paradigm of climate-resilient, sustainable and perpetual growth.


GTL, through its integral transformation and strategic sustainability frameworks, inspires the vision, ideas, strategies and actions for a holistic transformation of communities and businesses. Creating an integral force of change and building a true momentum of change are possible only when global collective intelligence and global solidarity of action are melted into one stream of inspirational vision. GTL works with all partners to create an inspirational vision and bring prudent working wisdom into one integral flow of action.


GTL innovates how global actions for green climate sustainable transitions are generated, organized and implemented. GTL brings new fresh dynamicity to the global green sustainable action communities by architecting integrative green climate technologies for mega-impact, reshaping the ways how global stakeholders and players work together, designing creative financial investment, implementing new value exchange mechanisms and financial instruments, as well as enabling efficient climate action life-cycle management.


GTL integrates all forces of green sustainable transformation - global green sustainable impact finances, businesses, technologies, communities, and people - to bring their vision, idea, expertise, financial resources and actionable opportunities together across regions, borders, sectors, and societies. This integration exponentially maximizes the effect of integrality, complementarity, efficiency, executional capacity, and creates maximum outcomes of mutual collaboration and cooperation.